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      Denis Welchman

      Some of you will know that in Oct 2021, I bought a Spektrum NX6 transmitter from Al’s Hobbies. About a month later, whilst flying a model, the transmitter switched itself off, causing the model to crash.
      It was sent back to Logic RC via Al’s Hobbies. They updated the software, flew a model and returned it.
      It happened again in the summer, fortunately whilst setting up rather than flying.
      Again, it went back to Logic RC who replaced the circuit board that contains the actual switch.
      In October 2022, I discovered what the problem really was. On the NX series transmitters, the on / off switch is operated by a clear plastic insert in the case shaped like the Spektrum logo. This presses on the switch on the circuit beneath. If the insert is not pressed exactly in the centre ,the insert can jamb and
      effectively remain partially pressed down which can turn the set off.
      I returned it yet again to Al’s Hobbies and replicated the problem to Al. He, in turn spoke to Jon Norris at Logic RC whilst I was there, confirming what I had found. The set was returned to Logic again. I also
      e mailed Jon Norris and explained to him again,what had occurred. Logic RC have now replaced the whole front case of the set together with the clear plastic insert and I am glad to report that the switch seems to be more positive and the insert is less loose so it should not stick again. However, when the set was returned to me, Jon Norris added a note to the repair slip that the insert must be pressed exactly in the centre. There is nothing in the manual to say this, so I advise any owners of NX transmitters to be very careful and ensure that the orange light on the insert is showing before each flight.

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