Paul Gleeson’s Mosquito

Thank you to Paul Gleeson for sharing his Mosquito build –

“I wanted to scratch build something, but little did I know it would take 13 years!

I decided on a 1/10th scale Mosquito, based on a scaled down Brian Taylor plan.

Scaling this down meant there would be no “off the shelf” mouldings, and this would also be a whole loads of firsts for me, retracts, flaps, twin engines.

Power comes from 2 Maxcim brushless motors, 4:1 gearbox, Ramoser varioPROP 11.8” on 6S with contra-rotating props for good ground handling. There is an entire thread on RCScaleBuilder : if anyone wants to know more.

I learnt a lot of things along the way, fibreglassing wings, making fibreglass parts, vacuum forming etc. Tail cone and gear doors are fibreglass, and the canopy was vacuum formed in 4 pieces to get the right shape.

Colour scheme is from the Mosquito in Duxford, used in its later years for target towing.

So much more scale detail I could add, but it was time to get it finished to a flying state.

Hopefully, a successful maiden in spring 2020.”



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