Compton Verney 2017

Following our successful display in 2016 the Events Manager at Compton Verney asked if we would be prepared to repeat the event again in 2017. We were happy to agree to put on a Flying Display on July 23rd.  As in the previous year we agreed to put on a static display and weather permitting we would also fly models throughout the day.  Additionally they were keen that we should fly models off the lake.  We had carried out a few flights from the lake the year before but few of our members have had an opportunity to fly off water so we agreed to attempt more flights as long as we could have a practice day beforehand to familiarise ourselves with the site.

The event opened to the public at 10:30 so setting up started at 08:30, which was just as well.  The weather was kinder than forecast, being reasonably warm, a little sun showing itself from time to time and the wind was gentler than the forecast 30mph gusts.  A pilot briefing took place at 10:00 where the safety requirements for the day were outlined and all members gathered at 10:30 and asked to volunteer to support doing jobs such as acting as marshals on a nearby footpath, manning the simulator and assisting with spotter duties.  The show closed at 16:30 and we were packed up and off site by 18:00.

The BMFA large screen simulator trailer was borrowed for the event which proved popular with spectators.  29 of our club members (42%) actually supported the event which was an excellent response.  Over 80 models were brought to display and many of these were flown.  Nearly all genres of RC modelling were represented and flown including Drones (multirotors), helicopters, electric gliders, EDF’s, seaplanes, a transitional model that is capable of both fixed wing and drone style vertical takeoff/landing while in flight and a good mix of fixed wing models (electric, glow and petrol).  We also had an example of control line model flying.  The flying strip was not ideal in that the ground was a little rough which did cause some problems for a few models but as we knew this was likely to be an issue beforehand most of our models were equipped with large wheels or hand launch.  The drones and helicopters of course had no problems!

Our thanks to Compton Verney for inviting us to put on the event and for providing such a nice backdrop.  We were pleased with what we achieved and we understand that the public enjoyed the display and Compton Verney were again very satisfied with the overall event with a significant increase in the numbers attending.