Pics from the Past

By | 31 December 2023

Members who have joined WMF in the past few years may not be aware of the club’s humble beginnings, before the current facilities existed.

So here’s a few pictures from the past from George Whenham’s collection.

This isn’t a History of WMF just some random pics from the clubs past.

The old clubhouse looks a bit sad compared to what was about to take its place.

The Hangar we now enjoy was kindly donated by a club member.

….. and installed by his team, ably assisted by the WMF Team.

Club Nights no longer take place but in the past they were well attended – ‘Round the Pole ‘ was a popular competition. Spot the pole.

Not many faces I recognize, the dress code has slipped a bit too.

And there’s the pole. No it’s not his white stick. I thought it would be bigger ….

As well as the Annual Summer Barbecue,

The club has displayed at Warwick Castle

and Compton Verney


As we are now so once were they ….

And the track – well, it doesn’t seem many years since a contingent of club members got together and helped bring the track up to motorway standard.

Sadly four years on it’s looking a little rough again but right now we have a different challenge……

Photo:Roger Morris