George Whenham’s Pitts Special


My Pitts Special was built from a plan published by the Australian Airborne magazine which, unfortunately, has now ceased publication.  It is 1/3 scale with a wingspan of 2m (79”) and conventionally built from balsa/ply. I originally intended to use a Tartan Twin glow engine but found this difficult to start and unreliable when running so I changed it for a DLA 56 petrol engine fitted with an electric autostart system.   The model is covered in Solartex and sprayed with Flair Spectrum paint.  The fibreglass cowl and wheel pants were obtained from Fiberglass Specialities in America.

All the logos were produced by cutting stencils from masking film and spraying over.  VH is the aircraft registration prefix for Australia.  POM doesn’t need any explanation (I hope!).