Ian Newton’s Spitfire MK IX project

The basic model is the Warbirds Spitfire mkIX but I have made a number of enhancements.  I disposed of the vacuum formed radiator housings, wheel housings and wing blisters replacing these with ones I manufactured from balsa.  I also created my own exhaust stubs from brass tube (the model is supposed to need some additional nose weight, so I might as well use the weight to good effect rather than just adding dead weight in the form of lead)  in preference to the vacuum formed ones provided.  At present I am at the point of covering the model using the recommended method of brown paper stuck on using PVA adhesive and then painted in clear dope prior to painting. I have never used this method before but it seems to be effective so far. I will be trying out some of the painting techniques shown us at a previous club night using an airbrush.  This is new territory for me so I hope it goes well!  The model is intended to be (and will be ) equipped with a 52 four stroke, another first for me.