Training and support is available for everyone from novices upwards.  Whether you want to train to learn to fly, obtain your ‘A’ certificate, improve your flying or obtain your ‘B’ certificate, want advice or help on a specific manoeuver, radio set up, radio mixing for flight trimming, or perhaps just want help with setting up your engine, tuning or running in then assistance can be organised.

The club owns a Spektrum DX6 transmitter which can be used to buddy members who also fly using Spektrum equipment.  The vast majority of our membership (about 70%) use Spektrum.  If a novice has another make of Transmitter they may consider fitting a Spektrum receiver at a small cost and utilise the club’s transmitter with their trainer.  If this option is being considered then please discuss with your trainer first.

Training can be carried out by anyone competent to do so.  The club has a number of BMFA Examiners, BMFA Approved Instructors and nominated Club Instructors.  Additionally those members holding a ‘B’ certificate may be prepared to train and are available for any member wanting to receive tutoring, by arrangement.  The names of the potential trainers are shown below and their contact phone numbers can be found in the members only area of the web pages.  While trainees may just turn up and with luck get some assistance, it is better to make an appointment and avoid disappointment.  You may possibly wish to make an arrangement to ‘pair up’ with a suitable trainer.

The club does have a recommended training programme which can be found here. Instructors should ensure all aspects of this programme are covered.  Although not mandatory we do recommend that all members should seek to achieve the BMFA ‘A’ certificate which the training programme will cover.  All members must be approved by the committee before flying solo.

If you want help in making your initial arrangements then please contact us here to make your request for training.

A Saturday training day will be organised in the Spring for anyone wishing to take or practice ‘A’ or ‘B’ tests, improve their flying generally, or learn more about aircraft set up. This will be led by Noel Cross and Paul Morris, our examiners.

Note:  Additions or modifications to the information below may be made at any time so please check regularly



Paul Morris

Noel Cross

BMFA Qualified Instructor

Paul Morris

Club Instructors

Dave Barker

Gareth Bryant

Steve Harvey

 Roger Morris

 Brian Webb

 George Whenham


In addition, the following members hold ‘B’ certificates and if approached should be prepared to give assistance.  If you don’t know people – just ask, we’re all a friendly lot really.

Royden Avery    Allan Ballard    Barrie Burton    Paul Morris Brian Webb       George Whenham

Those who want coaching towards their ‘A’ or ‘B’ license may initially be assessed by a trainer and then given guidance on the areas that they need to improve to achieve the required standard.  Where specific help is required it will be provided.


Novices will be given specific training and support until they are able to fly solo and practice on their own.

Tests can be arranged with examiners at any time convenient to both parties.  

Please remember that those giving you training are doing so voluntarily and giving up their own time and flying opportunities to help you.  No charges are made for the trainers time .  Communication with the trainers is therefore important.  If you aren’t going to attend after making arrangements to do so, please let them know

When you and your trainers think you are ready our club examiners (Paul Morris or Noel Cross) will be pleased to carry out your test (remember that for a ‘B’ test 2 examiners are required to be present).  When you pass we’ll add you to our ‘Hall of fame’ in the list of members who have successfully proved their capability.

The club has no examiners for the ‘B’ certificate in multirotor disciplines.  However, arrangements can be made for these tests if you speak to an examiner 

Updated: 29th May 2022